By the time of 2017 after the launch of geo, we see a huge increase in the number of internet users in India. Geo conquers all the telecom companies in India and becomes number one. Geo is planing to upgrade 4g to 5g many of the countries like the U.S.A has started their work. Many places in the U.S.A are know connected with the 5g network.

5G is the 5th generation mobile network 5g enable a new kind of network that is designed to connect virtually every things include machines objects and devices.

5G wireless technology is meant to deliver higher multi Gbps peak data speed means better network, increased availability, and unique user experience.

The previous generation of mobile networks?and 5g?

*The previous generation of mobile network are 1g,2g,3g,4g

1-First generation 1g

*1980’s 1g delivered analog voice .


*Early 1990’s introduce digital voice ( eg. CDMA) code division multiple access.

3-Third generation 3g.

*Early 2000’s 3g brought mobile data eg(CDMA2000).

4-Fourth generation 4g LTE.

*2010 4g LTE change the direction of mobile internet.

5G will provide high-speed internet. It will impact every industry making safer transportation, help for the development of small businesses.

5G technology will help all the countries to develop them.

*13.2 trillion dollars of global economic output.

*22.3 million new jobs created.

*2.1 trillion dollars in G.D.P growth.

*Some studies show 5g full economic effect will likely be realized across the globe by 2035.


*5G is designed to deliver peak data rates up to 20 GBPS on the IMT-2020 requirement.

*Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 and above are designed to achieve up to 7.5 GBPS.


*It seems like we have to wait a little bit of 5g connection. But the preparation for next-generation wireless technology has already begun.

Ericsson launched INDIA’s first 5g innovation and hub centre at IIT DELHI.

There are many cities in INDIA till know where the 3g network didn’t work properly. By seeing today’s telecom structure in INDIA I think 5g will take more time than expected to reach all over the INDIA.

*Some study shows the next-generation mobile services on 5g technology is expected to become available INDIA for subscription in 2020.


*It all depends on you but know in INDIA there are no changes in launching 5g technology in 2020.

*But buying 5g phone like one plus, oppo, etc you will get a better performance good quality of the processor like snapdragon 755,755+, etc.